Our Company Culture

01. To Have Respect

for one another roles, responsibilities, and individual personalities.

02. To Be Cooperative

recognizing the specific skills and ideas each one contributes.

03. To Be Responsive

having genuine interest, empathy, attentiveness, and concern for each other and for our customers.

You prove that hard work matters.

Northtown Automotive Companies wouldn’t have grown from a small Toyota dealership over 50 years ago to now employing over 800 if it wasn’t for some really hard-working and fantastic people.

to treat customers as our guests; to take ownership for bringing any customer’s concern to complete resolution.

to demonstrate complete honesty and integrity.

with speed, efficiency, independence of action, and sense of commitment.

because our reputation is important to you.

You have your own set of values. You live by them. They may be a nice complement to ours.

At Northtown, we refer to the Nth Degree. It’s a promise. The kind that’s really hard to keep. The Nth Degree requires all of us to find our own limits and somehow deliver beyond them. Not just when we are in the mood. Everyday. Not just those who are face to face with our customers. Everyone. That’s why you won’t be surprised when you see one of the executive leadership team bend to pick a candy wrapper off a showroom floor. Most of them started their career here as lot attendants or other entry-level roles. They know what it means to serve.